What is your favourite program you have run at venturers?


trust me, the things you do, the memories and the friends you make will be with you for life!


Found a new favorite place to invest cubs…


Apply here!

Calling all Venturer Scouts from across Australia. The Mawson Scholarship is a course that will give you advice and practice in leadership, lateral thinking, interpersonal skills, event management, teamwork, and more.

So long as you have completed your Leadership Course (as you’ll get so much more out of it that way), please consider applying! It will cost you $150 - everything else is covered (flights, food, etc.)

Click here to find out more. I don’t have personal experience from doing it, but from talking to those who did they found it to be a great experience.

It’s now too late for this years courses but I seriously recomend it. It’s an amazing experience and you get to meet new people from all around Aus

Scouting is the best thing that has happened to me


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